PROFESSIONAL Networking Sites | Your ONLINE Resume

Professional Networking Sites like LinkedIn is now the FIRST Choice of HR Managers & Recruiters who want to find out if potential candidates would be a good fit for their businesses.

Remember when you first graduate from a 2 Year Trade/Tech or 4 year University, you will not automatically be hired. Employers will be interested to see how you compare with other candidates applying for the same position.

If you want to be seen by the people that actually do the HIRING of personnel, you need to do more than just send them your resume. Statistics show that 93% of the Recruiters and HR Managers that do the actual hiring, will go to LinkedIn to see if you have a profile set up. Having your Cover Letter and Resume is NOT ENOUGH anymore! They want to know MORE about you and in today’s environment with the internet it is in your best interest to have a presence when they go looking for us.

Also, decision makers who fill jobs are only human and get tired of trying to compare boring 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper called resumes of people. They like LinkedIn because they can see your face if you uploaded a photo and everyone’s profile page is set up EXACTLY the SAME way and it is easy for them to compare candidates.

If they want to check your educational accomplishments, personal achievements or your future ambitions, etc. they know where to go on LinkedIn to find it as it is always in the SAME place.

Think of your LinkedIn Profile Page as your online resume available to any employer who may want to find out more about you right away at the push of a button.


Remember, if YOU do not promote yourself, no one else will !!!