TRADE Tech College vs. Masters Degree

While obtaining a four year degree at a university is an admirable accomplishment, many students go that route for all the wrong reasons. They are in their senior year of high school and all their friends are talking about which college they are going on to, so they decide to apply to some colleges.

They get accepted, but they really do not have any idea of what they want to do with their life. So they take some general courses and some that are recommended by career advisers. Some students eventually decide on a career path and some never do and keep taking general courses.

Many graduates walk away from the graduation ceremony with a big smile on their faces and a proud feeling of accomplishment, but no earthly idea of what they need to do next. What they are sure of is that they have accrued a huge financial debt and they are expected to be able to start repaying that debt as soon as possible.

Soon reality kicks in and they realize that there is no job waiting for them and no one is knocking down their door trying to get them to work for them. After a short period of time many decide to keep that part-time job at the department store they were working at just until something comes along.

Sometime down the road maybe six months or even six years later some find out the only realistic thing to do is to go after their Masters Degree. Because the competition is just too much with only a four year degree and the employers just are not impressed. They are almost forced to go on two more years and specialize in a field that has a good job market and pays enough that they can realistically have enough money to repay their student loans even if it requires two more years of additional debt.

For many students going on to a four year college does not make any real sense. They can do some basic research on jobs that only require a two year Associates Degree and within 24 months start to make a living and have a relatively small amount of debt to repay. They can look forward to a above average starting salary of around $30,000 per year with no experience and within another year or two be looking at $45,000 to $60,000 per year based on the field they chose. If this makes sense to you than a career in the medical field may be the way to go for you.